Sonic Acts XI

"La Antología del Computer Art"

Hoy comienza la edición número 11 de este festival, en Amsterdam, con una selecta programación de conferencias, música, workshops, películas y presentaciones, buena parte de ello emitido en directo via streaming, a través de dos canales uno para la música y otro para las conferencias.

Un extracto de la programación sacado directamente de su website (lo siento, solo en inglés):

"The speakers include Jasia Reichardt (GB), writer and curator, who made history in 1968 with the exhibit Cybernetic Serendipity; Lillian Schwartz (USA), pioneer in the field of computer-generated art and computer films; Curtis Roads (USA), composer and author of the influential Computer Music Tutorial; Stephen Wilson (USA), Professor of conceptual design at the SFSU and author of the authoritative Information Arts, Intersections of Art, Science, and Technology.

The festival will start with a performance by Granular Synthesis. This Austrian collective is renowned for its monumental and impressive audio-visual performances and installations. The Friday programme is being compiled in collaboration with Jace Clayton (a.k.a. DJ/rupture), founder of Negrophonic and Soot Records.

The film programme will look at purely digital film art with a number of historical overviews, documentaries and contemporary computer films. Work will also be shown from the archive of the Institut National Audiovisuel, Groupe de Recherches Musicales (National Audio-visual Institute, Music Research Group) in Paris. Much of this material has never been seen before in the Netherlands: it offers a wealth of historical material related to abstract film and musique concrête."

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