Mientras nos desperezamos y vamos dejando atras las vacaciones estivales, les proponemos ejercitarse un poco visitando <$BlogPageTitle$>, el blogroll de Jodi, una versiĆ³n acerca de la blogcosa por el colectivo de net.artistas responsables de sitios como:
* http://www.jodi.org/
* http://map.jodi.org/ - Jodi's personal map of the Web
* http://404.jodi.org/ - playing with the "404 - File not Found" premise
* http://oss.jodi.org/ - a deconstruction of the Windows and Mac OS 9 desktop interface, also released on a CD-ROM
* http://sod.jodi.org/ - a modification of Wolfenstein 3D
* http://asdfg.jodi.org/
* http://text.jodi.org/
* http://wwwwwwwww.jodi.org/
* http://jetsetwilly.jodi.org/
* http://www.wrongbrowser.com/ - absurd artistic interpretation of a browser (if you install one, use Ctrl+Alt+Del to exit)
* http://www.untitled-game.org/ - also on CD-ROM, twelve modifications of Quake
* http://maxpaynecheatsonly.jodi.org/ - cheats on built-in functions of the video game Max Payne - new work released in May 2006
[lista copiada y pegada de Wikipedia]

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